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Dog Fighting

One thing that is talked about a lot in dogsledding is all the ways to break up fights.   You have to be careful where you take hold of fighting dogs because they may bite you! 

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Positioning the Team

Leaders must first concentrate on team design by focusing on team member roles and responsibilities. Many organizations fail because of poor interaction between management team members whose roles are not defined or are in conflict with each other. Poor interaction produces poor results. Continue reading


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Organizational Design

I really think that 50% of my secret sauce for successful leadership is in organizational design. In my experience, many CEO’s simply aren’t aware of the negative impact their organization’s design is creating. In many organizations, it’s not clear that … Continue reading

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In business, if we are self-aware, we constantly evaluate our interactions with team members in light of what is good for us, for them, and for the team as a whole. Team members look to the Leader to provide both intellectual and emotional guidance. Each team member expects to be treated fairly – there is a sense of equanimity in business relationships that is critical to team success. Continue reading

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