Who is the Musher?

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David Falter

David Falter

Dave Falter is a twenty-five year executive and six-time CEO who has created, shaped, and led domestic and global businesses with revenues ranging from $25MM to $750MM+ and employee bases of 60 to 1,500 in the travel, high-technology, and business services industries.

During his days as an entrepreneur, Dave discovered how much he was dependent upon his employees and his management team, and how dependent they were in turn upon him and the daily behavioral choices he made in terms of his management practices and leadership style.  In short, Dave realized that at the end of every day, his employees made a choice to return to work for him and his management team.  Dave developed the point of view that his ultimate personal customer was each and every individual employee, and that became the genesis of his leadership philosophy of “self-interested caretaking”.  Later in his career Dave encountered the sport of dog sledding and had the opportunity to personally witness the power and elegance of “leading from the rear”. On a daily basis, Dave actively exercises the concepts of Musher Management and attempts to refine them in his current leadership roles, and in his client coaching as a Managing Partner of Acorn Growth Partners, LLC.

Dave lives in Glencoe, IL with his wife of twenty years, three sons, and their golden retriever.  Beyond talking about his interests in management practice and leadership theory, Dave is an avid reader of early 20th century fiction, a racquet sports enthusiast, skier, SCUBA diver, and runner.