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Good Shepherds can be Good Mushers

1.2 billion Catholics, and most of the rest of the world waited anxiously for the arrival of a new Pope.  In Pope Francis I, they appear to have a leader who is in many ways appears to be a Musher. … Continue reading

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Good Mushers are Good Dogs

When I owned my first business, I became critically aware of how dependent I was upon my employees to be successful.  Not just in the sense of a future exit or some wealth creation, but in the execution of daily … Continue reading

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Knowing the Dogs from the Sled – A Cautionary Tale for CEO Recruiting

A recent article in Forbes “The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives”, provides a great example of the danger of narcissism in the corner office.  Virtually all the examples provided damned the CEO in terms of his or her focus … Continue reading


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Organizational Design

I really think that 50% of my secret sauce for successful leadership is in organizational design. In my experience, many CEO’s simply aren’t aware of the negative impact their organization’s design is creating. In many organizations, it’s not clear that … Continue reading

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