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A Field Report: Dogs with Backpacks

Recently I had the opportunity to join ten other “alpha dogs” in a hike across the Grand Canyon, from the south rim to the north rim in one day.  Known as the “Rim to Rim,” this is a pretty grueling … Continue reading

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Was Steve Jobs a Musher?

Dear Reader — Happy Fall (if you are living in North America)!  As a Chicagoan, you learn to make the most of the limited summer we enjoy, so I have been somewhat remiss in keeping my blog posts fresh and … Continue reading

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People are not Dogs, nor are they Cogs

Recently a colleague turned my attention to a blog post in the Harvard Business Review blogging area, written by Nilofer Merchant.  The title of the blog post was “People are Not Cogs” (http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/06/people_are_not_cogs.html).  In the blog, Nilofer discussed the resistance … Continue reading


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Course Correction

Throughout my blogs I’ve spoken about the need for thoughtful planning.  But what should the Musher/Leader do when things just aren’t working out as planned?  Mike Tyson has a famous quote that “everyone has a plan ’til they get punched … Continue reading

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Clarity of communication and communication strategy are critical elements in dog sledding. In the Parable of the Musher, the CEO reaches a point in his dog sledding experience where the team must traverse a steep hill: “What I witnessed on … Continue reading

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So much about leadership is driven by the quality of communications at all levels of a business, especially between the leader and the management team. Ironically, people are seldom taught how to manage the quality of their communications. In certain … Continue reading

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