How to Read the Musher Management Weblog

Thank you for your interest in my leadership philosophy and management practices I have chosen to call Musher Management™.

To get started, I encourage you first to read the information within the tab called The Parable of the Musher, followed by the tab What is Musher Management.  Once you have read these, I encourage you to read at your leisure the various blog posts I have crafted, and further, to provide challenges or support to my assertions, as well as adding your own “observations from the field” in the feedback mechanism provided.  I will try to respond, if response is warranted, to your feedback in a timely fashion.

While the term Musher Management is trademarked and the content of this site copyrighted, I encourage you to use it freely within your own presentations, writings, blogs, or other communications — just a little attribution would be appreciated where it may be appropriate.

Again, welcome.  I have every hope that this site will give you the insight and courage to become a better manager and leader.

Dave (aka The Musher)

Copyright 2010.  David A. Falter.  All rights reserved.

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